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We are a family-run business with several decades of experience in fields such as nutrition, sports medicine, kinesiology, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, holistic medicine, culinary arts, public health and many more. We strive to work with manufacturers that create products under strict guidelines. Our focus is to educate our customers so that when they take our products, they’re ensured they are consuming safe, pure and potent vitamins and supplements that are highly absorbed by the human body.

We request peer reviewed research studies, expert reviews, meta-analysis statistics and a validated certificate of analysis (COA) from each manufacturer's laboratory.

It is our number one goal to provide our customers with products that are utilized by the body and free of contaminants or impurities.

With all the safety issues involving major brands from drug stores, grocery stores, outlets, franchises and multi- level marketing companies, consumers need to seek products that are reliable, pure and are manufactured under strict guidelines.

Our laboratories are FDA approved (US Food and Drug Administration), GMP certified (Good Manufacturing Practices) and NSF certified (The Public Health and Safety Organization - previously the National Sanitation Foundation)


Good Manufacturing Practices



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