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Why should I choose your site to buy my products?

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Through very extensive research, we bring you products that are manufactured under strict regulations to ensure potency and purity. These laboratories have to have current certifications (2), proper climate controlled storage facilities and must provide us with certificates of analysis on every product upon requested. Look for USP and NSF on the bottle before you buy.

Would you prefer: a cheaper supplement which is not properly absorbed, or a slightly more expensive one which is metabolized and used efficiently? You are, by all means, taking a vitamin to improve your health and decrease deficiencies in the body.

When I compare prices to other discounted on line stores, some of yours are higher for what seems like a similar product.

It is very hard to compare products from different companies---even within the same company. There isn't any consistent standard in the industry. How many tablets per bottle (30,40,50,60,90,100,110,150,200 and increments in between), amount of raw material in each (50mg, 200mg, 10mcg, 10,000iu, etc.), how many tablets to take per day/serving and other fillers make it very difficult to determine a price comparison. Also, not knowing what your body needs per day to achieve proper results from your vitamin/supplement is confusing. We put together products that follow current recommendations on dosages that will benefit your body the most by taking the least - understanding that you should receive the rest from your diet. Vitamins are meant to supplement your dietary intake, not to replace whole foods. 

Why do you carry a limited amount of product?

We research and develop products that meet current recommended intakes. We also believe in certain products and if we do not carry a vitamin/supplement it is due to conflicting research on the products' efficacy and safety. As research changes, so will our product inventory. We formulate products to work with the body more efficiently to ensure its proper absorption. 

I hear a lot about synthetic, organic,whole food and natural products. How do I determine the right one to look for?

We always recommend getting your vitamins through whole foods. Natural doesn't hold too much value on a food/vitamin label. Most vitamins/supplements contain synthetic materials along with fillers and excipients. Synthetics are used for several reasons:

  • Cost
  • Have high bioavailability
  • Can get more material into a smaller tablet size

 In some cases, the natural form is clearly better than synthetic. For example, vitamin E should always be bought in it's natural form - D-ALPHA TOCOPHEROL.  

In other cases, synthetic is more efficient. Vitamins A and C are great examples of this.

You can't put other compounds found in foods into a pill. Eating whole foods provides your body with hundreds of compounds that work synergistically to improve your health.

Are your products pharmaceutical grade?

Pharmaceutical grade refers to medical products, with vitamins and supplements falling under food regulations. Ensuring your vitamin is manufactured at a USP-NSF facility ensures the highest grade of raw materials used to make the final products.

USP Verified dietary supplements are products that have been voluntarily submitted to the USP Dietary Supplement Verification Program and have successfully met the program's stringent testing and auditing criteria. The program was established by USP to help dietary supplement manufacturers ensure the production of quality products for consumers.

How can I learn more about vitamins and supplements?

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